We Augment TV Live demo

TF1 connects 2nd screen content with Leankr

The MYTF1 app, with +8 million downloads, now serves second screen content for all programs, 24/7.

The Leankr platform is connected to eTF1 CMS and pushes in real-time contextual articles, videos and bios related to keywords detected on live TV.

For a broadcaster, the Leankr platform leverages existing Web content to engage viewers on the [...]

Leankr enables Augmented TV on Leclerc OTT set-top-boxes

French retailer E.Leclerc have launched in  July a new OTT TV service « REGLO TV » with the OTT provider TeVolution.

The box comes with a companion app for tablets powered by the Leankr platform. With this companion app, REGLO TV subscribers control their set-top-box and experience augmented TV. The app pushes wikipedia pages, bios, articles, location [...]

Bouygues Telecom testing Chromecast with Leankr

The B.TV Chromecast prototype was first presented in June during the Bouygues Telecom Innovation Days. When a live TV program is chromecasted, the B.TV app suggests related content from editorial partners and links to the VoD store.

With this type of app operators can leverage the multiplicity of screens to create converging TV experiences.